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If there's one thing we know for sure it's that the craic's always in the Irish pub! 


Drinking, the national sporting choice of the Irish after hurling, is well known throughout the island to be good for an individuals health. Hence the amount of time one spends in an Irish pub can tend to be considerably long and therapeutic.

There's clearly some logic to be found in this as it's seldom you see an unhappy face leaving the pub. Having spent a proportionally large amount of time growing up in pubs we know what it takes to make a great Irish pub -

Great friends, great family, great drinks and great craic. 

Useful links: 

What is the 'CRAIC'?

What is hurling?

It's with this knowledge that we proudly bring to you 'The Dublin Road' Traditional Irish pub, a place to mix with friends old and new, a place to take your coat off, sit back and relax in a friendly familiar setting.

Listen to the best music, chat with the best people and drink the best beers, wines and spirits known to man. (Preferably not all on the same day.) 


If nothing else we are here to show you a good time and deliver the genuine Traditional Irish pub experience so whether it's just one for the road after a long days work or you're settling in for a full nights session, come on in for a drink we are always here to lend a friendly ear.


The Dublin Road Irish Pub

Abraham-a-Santa-Clara-Gasse 2, 8010 Graz

Email /  thedublinroad@gmail.com

​Tel  /  0660 3862140


Temporary opening hours during restrictions:

Tuesday - Saturday 6pm -1am


Normal opening hours:

Monday - Saturday 6pm till Late

Sunday -  Closed


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